Causes of Yellow Teeth and How to Prevent it

Yellow teeth can be caused by several things. Conditions that can interfere with this appearance will be seen more clearly with age. Smoking habits, eating certain foods or drinks, as well as hygiene of teeth and mouth that are not maintained, can be the cause of yellow teeth. As we get older, the white enamel is thinner, so the yellow dentin layer is more visible. In addition, the food and drinks we consume daily can accelerate the discoloration of teeth to yellow. The content of chromogen or dyes in food and drink is one of the main causes of yellow teeth. This dye can cause stains on the tooth enamel layer. In addition to the chromogen content, the acidity of the food also affects the color of the teeth, because high levels of acid can erode the enamel layer. What are the causes of yellow teeth? Some of the things below can cause discoloration of the teeth, including the causes of yellow teeth. Wine This drink contains chromogen and tannins which have bad effects, especi
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